Appetite Suppressants That Can Really Work

Natural appetite suppressants can be used to stop overeating and weight gain. These natural appetite suppressants, which have been approved by experts, could help you finally lose that last 10 pounds.

It’s time to spice it up

A strong appetite for spicy foods can tell you a lot about your personality. But, more importantly, spicy foods could act as natural appetite suppressants. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in spicy foods. It is found in hot peppers. Cayenne peppers also have health benefits. Joy L. Bauer, RD. CDN, a New York City-based nutritionist, believes that adding a few drops of spicy food to your diet can slow down your eating, which could result in you eating less. Joy L. Bauer is the founder of Nourish Snacks and the nutrition expert on The Today Show. She also wrote several books, including From Junk Food To Joy Food.

Take a whiff of peppermint

The aroma of peppermint can help you feel fuller. Bauer says that a study showed that participants who smelled peppermint for two hours every day for five days had nearly 1,800 fewer calories and reported a lower hunger level than those who were not exposed to the peppermint. To suppress appetite, Bauer suggests lighting a peppermint candle and chewing peppermint gum or drinking peppermint tea.

As an addition, chia seeds can be used as a topping

Chia seed is high in fiber and can be used to suppress appetite, Bauer states. She suggests that chia seeds be sprinkled on oatmeal, yogurt, or in smoothies or pancake batter. “They will swell in the stomach–up to nine times their size-–to keep you full for hours.” Chia seeds, which are high in soluble fiber, have been linked to a decreased appetite and lower intake. Flaxseed, legumes, asparagus, and oats are all good sources of soluble fiber.

Aim to eat an apple every day

Do you think you know all about apples and health? You might be wrong. You might be surprised to learn that one apple a day can do more than just keep the doctor away. An apple can also serve as an appetite suppressant. Bauer says that apples are a great food to curb your appetite. These appetite suppressants can be taken anywhere and are easy to use.

Get up

Bauer suggests that you should drink two glasses of water before every meal to curb your appetite. She suggests that if water bores, you can jazz it up with slices of citrus or cucumbers-or even a shot of juice. Bonus: “If seltzer water is added, the bubbles will create a greater sense of fullness.” You can also eat water-rich vegetables like celery, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and radishes. These five filler-uppers are more than 95% water and will keep you satisfied.


Your body produces more cortisol when you’re stressed. According to Keri Glassman (New York City nutritionist, MS, RD, and CDN), high levels of cortisol can cause abdominal fat accumulation as well as other chronic health issues. She also says that cortisol causes the body’s resistance to leptin, a hormone that signals the brain when you are full. She says that the body secretes more cortisol the more stressed you are. This makes it harder to know when you’re full. When we are stressed, we crave high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods that make us feel calm and in control. It is possible to reduce stress and help with these cravings. She recommends taking a few minutes each day to practice deep breathing. She suggests closing your eyes and clearing your mind. Then, breathe slowly through your nose and mouth.

Take a shot

It could be either apple cider vinegar. Although studies have mixed results, it may be used as an appetite suppressant. One study found that apple cider vinegar’s bitter taste is what causes our appetite to stop the fire. Participants who had vinegar for breakfast ate less than those who did not. Why? They felt nauseated. You can check this site and decide if appetite suppressants such as these are worth it.

Get up and move before you go to dinner

A full day of hard work might make you hungry, but a shorter and more intense workout could have the opposite effect. An analysis of 20 studies showed that exercise reduced the “hunger hormone”, acylated ghrelin, while increasing levels of hormones acting as appetite suppressants. Don’t eat too much during your workout.

Take care of your food

Mindfulness has a variety of benefits. These include stress reduction and pain management. You can also add appetite suppression. According to a 2014 review, mindfulness-based eating techniques can help reduce emotional eating and binging. Pay attention to the taste and texture of every bite. Also, pay attention to your body’s hunger cues. It might be that you don’t really need any helping. These 50 easy ways to lose fat naturally are not to be missed

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