Baby Trend Expedition Travel Jogger Review

Let’s find out why this travel system is a favorite among the parents. When it comes to your baby’s things, you’ll have to ensure that you are getting the best product that is both safe and sturdy enough to last until your baby’s growth.

This way, you could save some money by not buying replacements. You’ll also have to consider its price, features, and durability.

Now, here’s what we found out through research and reviews about the Baby Trend Travel System Jogger.

It has a Safe Car Seat

When purchasing a travel system, always inspect the car seat as it is very important since it would protect your child from a car accident. And this travel system will not disappoint you, thanks to its Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc Car Seat that is included in the package.

Car Seat Safety Specs

Let’s take a quick look at the car seat’s safety specs. The seat has an amazing side impact protection because of its extra padding and the design’s shape. Its padding is made with an EPS foam that could absorb energy in case of an accident, while the seat has met all the US safety standards.

In addition to its safety features, it comes with an adjustable 5-point safety harness that has no strap rethreading. Straps that don’t fit perfectly or has been set up wrong is one of the most common and dangerous mistakes in car seats, therefore it is very important to get things right. Thankfully, with this travel system, everything is made easier for you.

Fast and User-Friendly Stroller

If the car seat is important, the stroller is equally important as well in the travel system. If you want to use the full features of a travel system’s car seat, you’ll need to use its sturdy and reliable stroller, which is already included in the package. This Baby Trend Expedition’s tires are consisted of bicycle tires to withstand fast speeds.

They are filled with air to provide a smooth and less bumpy ride. The only downside of this stroller is that you’ll have to pump air regularly in the wheels every time a flat occurs. This could be a big pain for those who don’t own an air pump.

Easy Folding and Unfolding

Unlike most strollers in the market, you wouldn’t have a hard time folding and unfolding this stroller, which is ideal for those who value time. The stroller can fold up tight and locks into place, you can even make it stand on their own. In addition, it is a one-handed fold which makes it easier for those who can use one hand only. As for unfolding the stroller, just simply release the locking bar and the stroller would instantly unfold itself.


We really like the Expedition Jogger by Baby trend as it got an easy to use a car seat, which could help keep your baby safe and comfortable during the ride, and a stroller that is great to be used for strolling around the mall or occasional jogs without causing a bumpy ride. Also, this stroller works pretty well for big kids who weigh up to 50 pounds.

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