Find All The Beautiful Beaches In Koh Kood Island

Countless tourists flock to the islands of Thailand searching a piece of heaven. More and more vacationers find islands from Thailand that keep their ancestral beauty and draw audiences that are lower while the majority are attracted by islands such as Koh Phi Phi and Phuket.

Throughout our last trip to Thailand found among those paradise islands — we now saw Koh Kood (Koh Kut).

Located off the shore of Thailand, near a 6-hour bus ride the border along with also 1 2 hour ride off from Bangkok, Koh Kood hosts white sand beaches, olive trees, and crystal clear waters. Koh Kood is the fourth biggest island having a population of 2, 000 people of Thailand.

Throughout our trip, we saw the very best beaches around Koh Kood and hardly any other tourists were abandoned.

Koh Kood (Koh Kut) absolutely has exactly what it takes to become called the very ideal island in Thailand (It is absolutely in addition to our list). Perhaps not only one but three magnificent shores create Koh Kood an island destination in Thailand.

The majority of the fine beaches lie on the island of the western shore and also we chose our time for you and energy to research nearly all of these (independent of the beachfront ones that are private shores ).

Here would be the top beaches in Koh Kood:

Bang Bao Bay

Bang Bao Bay is number among the best beaches in Koh Kood. Bang Bao Bay is postcard-worthy heaven. Having its turquoise blue waters and sand that is fine, it’s difficult to not fall deeply in love. The water has been and also the seafloor is eloquent — well suited for swimming pool. Contributing to the setting are all rows of trees that cast shadows.

A string of docks indicates resorts at Bang Bao Bay.

Ao Noi Beach

Ashore Ao Noi Beach, within an isolated spot, is where art and nature meet. There are many stains that are picture-perfect. It really isn’t — When it appears to be that the shore is private using its own hotel, Ao Noi Resort.

The shore is accessible to the general public from the principal road or from kayak out of Khlong Chao Beach.

The shore was really calm and also the atmosphere water bungalow was good for writing or reading a novel. The food at the hotel restaurant was inexpensive and really fine if your plan is to devote to Ao Noi Beach.

Khlong Chao Beach

The Khlong Chao Beach is among one of the ideal and also certainly the beaches in Koh Kood. Do not worry, it isn’t busy. With nearly stretch of white sand, so it is not tricky to obtain a spot that is fantastic. There are lots of trees to supply color.

The greatest sunset areas include across the shore, at the beachfront pub of Top Season Resort (they feature 2 for 1 drinks from late day to night ), Great View Café located uphill at the southern headland or view-point Café located at Khlong Chao lake (go there first since it’s a small and popular place).

As soon as it hosts a few of Koh Kood’s high-end hotels like Peterpan Resort, high-season Resort, Wendy The Pool Resort along with Tinkerbell Privacy re-sort, the shore area remains free for community access and use from the primary road is super easy in the event you opt to remain in the beachfront lodging which is not available on the beachfront.

Khlong Chao can be really just a fantastic base if your plan is to keep around Koh Kood for a little while. We remained at Khlong Chao Garden View and also Mark House Bungalow Throughout visits.

Lots of shops and restaurants are located around Khlong Chao Village. The Khlong Chao Waterfall can also be only a couple moments’ walk using the shore.

All these aren’t one of our best picks for your very top beaches on Koh Kood but might be worth a trip:

Khlong Hin Beach

Having its stretch of sand, tourists favor Khlong Hin Beach. From afar, the shore was amazing. While it was not especially untidy, we watched that a few debris (abandoned with strong tides) on the coast (nevertheless I read somewhere the shore is usually washed from the hotels ). Two hotels divided through an share this shore: Montana Hut along with also Khlong Hin Beach Resort.

Ao Tapao Beach

As accommodation options — shipping containers that are exceptional and modern bungalows were offered by the hotels, ” I was not a fan of the shore. We moved during high wave and a massive stretch of shore had vanished (and there is a few garbage lying around).

Sai Daeng Beach

In-between Bang Bao Bay and Khlong Chao Beach are Sai Daeng Beach, your gold sand shore. Since we were this shore was a happy accident.

Exactly what they do? We watched what the bread was to get fish and looked below the dock! There were many and also the water was really apparent you do have to find wet to watch them.

Why? The resort construction was coming from the road and enormous, it dominated the scene. We did not want to hold though once we watched plenty of debris (plastic and styrofoam) about the shore and it did not appear to be someone of those costly resorts were enthusiastic about cleaning this up. It’s an excellent shore though and it is cleaner than once it was seen by us.

Ao Jak Beach

We watched what seemed like a remarkable beach and moved from Khlong Hin Beach across a jungle trail. Reality didn’t fulfill our expectations Even as we traveled closer. Ao Jak Beach wasn’t any shore paradise. We watched a lot of crap. We guided it.

Ao Phrao Beach

We did not bother to go and discover a solution since we were disappointed using Ao Jak. Ao Phrao Beach and Ao Jak Beach were connected by way of a course that was little however that this course has never been maintained for ages. Are you around Ao Phra Beach? What exactly was it like?

The Way to Access to Koh Kood

Dealing with Trat out of Bangkok: Air Conditioned buses leave regularly from the Morchit Bus Station (Northern) and also Ekamai (Eastern) Bus Station at Bangkok (it requires 2 hours).

Obtaining from Trat into Koh Kood: Should you choose the evening bus or even very morning minibusses, then you ought to make the links to your free transfer that waits at the Trat Bus Station.

You will find two varieties of ferries (350 Baht for its slow ferry along with 500 Baht for its fast you ). We chose the ferry since it abandoned two or three hours early in the day in the day (10.45 am) compared to one.

Transfer to a hotel in Koh Kut is contained within the ferry destination. Ask to have dropped off in Khlong Chao Beach, For those who have not reserved your accommodation yet.

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