Scented Candle Options For Every Room At Your House

If there’s one thing I adore about my home, it’s a pleasant odor. When I get home, or even just strolling from one room to the next, I like to smell lovely things. For some reason, it provides me with a sense of fulfillment.

So when Jane Dizon approached me about writing a piece about scented candles for the blog, I jumped at the chance! Her notion of having different smells for different spaces and emotions is brilliant. Take a look!

What do you want your guests to think when they enter your home? Are you taken aback by the fresh scent of a freshly cleaned home? Maybe the décor gives off a warm and inviting vibe?

What about combining

Scented candles do more than just make your home smell nice. Aromatherapy with scented candles can influence one’s mood considerably depending on the aroma.

Aromatherapy has been practiced in Egypt for thousands of years. Chemicals in the brain react to odors in different ways, resulting in mental and physical repercussions. It can also aid in the treatment of sleeplessness, muscle discomfort, and stress reduction.

We compiled a list of the greatest scents for each space in your house. Your mood, as well as your nose, will appreciate you whether you’re relaxing in your bedroom or researching in the office.


Your bedroom is a place where you may unwind, spend quality time with your partner, and sleep. Certain scents can help you feel better.

Lavender is a great way to help you sleep. The fragrance might lower your heart rate and blood pressure, causing your body to slow down. Vanilla is another excellent alternative for lulling yourself to sleep.

Try jasmine, rose, or sandalwood if you’re seeking a scent that will make you feel more intimate.

In the Living Room

Your home’s living room should be warm and inviting. Here’s where you can have some fun with smells. However, if your living room is small, keep perfumes basic to prevent overwhelming the space.

Look for soft and light scented candles to create a relaxed atmosphere. Floral perfumes, as well as richer vanilla and honey odors, are wonderful. Fruity smells will make the atmosphere more lively and entertaining. Passion fruit, wild berries, and even caramel scents are sure to start a conversation.


Using scented candles in the kitchen can be hard. There’s a delicate balance to be struck between hiding and mixing kitchen odors. If your smells are too strong, they will turn musky and unpleasant.

Look for candle scents that are similar to those you’d find in the kitchen. It’s wonderful to have fresh herbs and light culinary aromas. If you truly want to get rid of the garbage stench, go for citrus scents. Lemon, lime, or orange scents help to eradicate odors in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, stay away from floral scents. These can be overwhelming for guests and divert attention away from the cuisine.


The finest bathroom smells fresh and clean. It smells fresh and clean after a bathroom has just been cleaned. So keep an eye out for candles that do just that.

Clean odors include fresh linen and seaside breezes. Lemon, orange, and peach are examples of fruity and citrus fragrances. Because bathrooms are typically small, keep the aroma mild and subtle.

Office of the President

Your office is a location where you can be productive and focused. So why not bring in a candle with scents that will help you do just that?

A strong peppermint candle can help you stay awake and focused at work. If you’re feeling tired, peppermint can help you stay energized. Lemon fragrances will also energise you and aid in the development of your cognitive abilities.

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