Founders Letter

mother and founder

Our story is simple. As a new mom, I wanted only the very best for my little punkin’ pie. I researched the baby food options out there and decided that, while they may be safe and contain many of the nutritive aspects our babies need, they just weren’t good enough.

So, I visited our local farmers’ market, put on an apron, explored flavor combinations, and put Lucy’s friends to work taste-testing new creations.

I come from a long line of good cooks who know good food. Several women in my family have had restaurants, catering businesses, and have written cookbooks. We like to crank up the oven and bring out the table linens. Making wholesome (and somewhat fancy) baby foods is a natural fit for me.

In addition to food, the love of farming runs in my veins. I am fourth generation on my family’s Arkansas farm. I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Soil and Water Science and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics. Supporting regional farmers is a big part of what makes Oh Baby who we are.

Oh Baby has always been a fun and fulfilling job for me. I love what I do, and I love being proud of the products that we provide your family.

From my kitchen to yours,