Lucille Mae…the inspiration behind Oh Baby Foods®

Meet Lucy. She’s Fran’s baby girl and mom’s inspiration. We believe she’s going to do big things in her lifetime; why, already she’s inspired a baby food company. Being raised on a farm herself, she’s a big fan of baby animals and fresh food. She’s always been a great eater and will challenge you to a broccoli eating contest any day. She’s now 5 years old, big sister to Levi, and periodic in-store demo specialist.


alannaAlanna is a happy, healthy, organic eating, dog loving, sock stealing, little girl with red hair! She has been ready to go from day 1. We just started solids and so far, she hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like. She rarely allows the spoon to reach her mouth before she grasps it and tries to feed herself! She is the proud owner of two teeth and is learning how to sit up on her own. She often sits in her bumbo and “helps” mommy cook in the kitchen. We LOVE Oh Baby foods because it supports local farmers and you can taste the difference quality produce makes.


Our little bird was born on June 4th… she couldn’t wait to see us, and decided to come 3 months before her due date! After 98 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, we were able to bring our little girl home. My husband is in the military and was leaving for training. We packed up the house and the preemie on oxygen… and moved back home to Arkansas. Since she is a preemie, we go by adjusted age. That is the age counting from her due date. We decided to start her on foods just for the practice at about 4 months adjusted… but she loved the Sweet Potato Boogie so much- she took to it immediately and couldn’t get enough!

Now we’ve added the Level 2 foods and she is loving learning to eat like a big girl. Healthy foods have been especially important for our little one, who needs as much support as she can get from her nutrition. And with me being home with her by myself, while her daddy is away, the prepared foods have been such a help. O Baby Foods are a perfect fit for our family! Thank you for providing such a great product for healthy babies and busy mommies!


ClaireClaire Monroe was born August 8, weighed 6 lbs, 5 oz, was 18.75 inches long and was a week early. As you can see by the stats she is petite and likes to be early. She is a very happy baby, and loves to laugh and play. She began eating food at 5 1/2 months old. Yes you guessed it, her first and favorite food is “Sweet Potato Boogie”. It’s obvious that she likes the food by the amount that ends up on her face. She is looking forward to stepping up to “Blue Plate Special” and “Bean Me Up, Baby” in the near future. Claire thanks you for providing these great products!


viviHi! My name is Vivian. I am 8 months old and just starting to figure out to crawl, though I’m great at rolling all around! There’s so much I can’t wait to explore! My Mommy works from home, so we get to play together all day and go for walks in woods each afternoon. My Daddy is a hard working chef who always picks me as his favorite assistant. They always feed me Oh Baby Foods™ because they know all the healthy ingredients are helping me grow stronger every day. I love the variety of tasty flavors!

Connor Alexander

connorMy son, Connor Alexander, was born August 13. Before he was even born I knew I wanted to feed him organic baby foods. My plan was to make my own baby food as soon as he turned six months. I even spent much time deciding what food to introduce first. The day finally came and I diligently steamed my organic peas and food processed them. To my relief, Connor took to them almost immediately but by the next day was experiencing painful gas. Not knowing if it was the peas or my cooking I decided to buy some store bought organic baby food. I had already seen the Oh Baby Foods® products in the stores and visited the website so it was an easy choice to buy the Sweet Potato BoogieConnor loved it right away and had no gas the following day. I’m so relieved that there is such a great product available to us and can’t wait to try all the other purees. I know that Connor will love them all.

Miss Charlie

Charlie (short for Charlotte) is a super busy 9 1/2 month old little girl. She’s already walking, probably thanks to all those organic nutrients she’s getting from Oh Baby Foods®. Her daddy works very hard to bring home the bacon so her mommy can stay home and play with her all day. They keep a packed schedule of play dates, baby bookworms and trips to the pool. Charlie is a social butterfly for sure. She’s very active and is constantly exploring the world around her. There’s no time to dawdle for this little go-getter. Although, she does love a good nap, but who doesn’t.

Ethan Sanford

ethanEthan Sanford was born as an independent young man from the beginning, deciding that he wanted to be born during the national anthem before the start of the Super Bowl. Ethan has a great outlook on life with a bubbly, happy attitude, and is constantly walking around with a smile on his face and laughing. He has definitely acquired a taste for almost all fresh fruit, rotisserie chicken, mac n’ cheese, and often pushes away vegetables. He has a true love for ice cream, sherbet, and popsicles; will make a beeline for his highchair if you tell him it is time for his favorite treat.

Ethan loves to spend time playing with his endless collection of cars and knows exactly where he hides everyone of them in the house. In addition, he has a true sense of adventure and loves to travel. His preference is by airplane and has already logged nearly 150 flights with his parents, traveling coast to coast to visit family and friends. Ethan does love Bean Me Up, Baby and his mom, Waianne, is currently sneaking it into every big boy dish that she can.

Josie Marie

josieJosie was born on December 17. She has blue eyes and brownish blonde hair. Josie is full of energy and is just waiting to get into something. She plays very well by herself, but also loves all the attention her two older sisters give her. Jae, soon to be 8, acts more like her mother rather than her sister.

Rae, 6, tends to play very rough with her. Josie can definitely handle herself with the older kids. Josie does have a soft side to her though. She loves to give hugs and kisses. And she gets real upset if someone is crying. Josie also loves to take baths. She truly is a ‘water’ baby.

But, honestly, one of her favorite things to do is eat. She can eat more than her sisters. Her favorite food is the sweet potato boogie. If you don’t feed it to her fast enough she’ll just get plain mad at you. And let me tell you, you don’t want to see her throw one of her temper tantrums. They’re quite dramatic. But most of the time Josie is such a sweetheart with a kind heart. A blessing to our family.