Best Bodybuilding Supplements For Increased Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding supplements ( are supplements commonly used by people involved in bodybuilding, sports, weight lifting, mixed martial arts, or other athletics for the primary purpose of facilitating an enhancement in lean body mass.

These bodybuilding supplements can be bought over-the-counter and may contain natural ingredients as well as synthetic chemical compounds.

There are a wide range of available bodybuilding supplements that claim to promote faster muscle growth, higher strength, and size, enhanced energy levels, better sports performance, enhanced cardiovascular efficiency, and improved thyroid gland functioning. All these claims have not been scientifically proven yet.

A number of bodybuilding supplements are categorized into two major categories-those which
are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and those that are not. Although most
bodybuilding supplements do not fall into the category of approved dietary supplements, the FDA allows for certain bodybuilding supplements to be sold as dietary supplements if they have been specifically indicated as having such effect and if they fall within the definition of a bodybuilding dietary supplement.

In this way, bodybuilding supplements gain legal repute and can be marketed as legal products. The FDA has also defined some specific substances that can be marketed as bodybuilding supplements and recognized the bodybuilding industry as a legitimate business activity when such substances are used in a proper manner and with the prescribed amount and not for other purposes.

Some of the most common bodybuilding supplements include protein powders, whey proteins, creatine, nitric oxide supplements, monohydrate supplements, fat burners, pre-workout energy boosters, post-workout energy boosters, amino acids, ribose / create blends, and Ginkgo Biloba extracts. However, there is a wide array of other bodybuilding supplements that have not been given FDA approval. Such bodybuilding supplements may still be available in stores, but they cannot legally be sold as prescription drugs or nutrition products.

As of now, these bodybuilding supplements that have not been formally approved by FDA include chromium polyniconate, dimethicone, glycerin, hydroxyacetone, L-glutamine, methylxanthines, octanoic acid, guanidine hydrochloride, disulfide residues, dimethylaminoethanol, octanoic oxide, L-histidine, melatonin, N-acetyl-l carnitine, noopeptamines, piperine, phenoxy bates, and urea.

Of these, the only pipeline is approved by FDA for human consumption. Protein powders have become popular in recent years. They are usually available in various flavors and forms such as powdered, concentrated whey, etc.

Bodybuilders usually use protein powders as pre-workout dietary supplements because it allows for easy absorption in the body as well as the rapid recovery of muscles. Protein is essential for smooth & supple skin, strong nails, good health, and energy. Whey protein is also an important component of most bodybuilding supplements.

Creatine is another supplement used extensively in bodybuilding supplements for its energetic effect and ability to build lean muscle mass quickly. This amino acid can be taken either orally or through the water in a shake or pill form. Creatine helps in the synthesis of glucose to generate additional energy needed for muscle mass and more importantly, to produce ATP, which is the energy storage compound of the body.

The creatine found in bodybuilding supplements comes from organic sources like fruits and vegetables. Glutamine is a very important amino acid that stimulates protein synthesis for improved endurance and increased strength. Like creatine, it is found in organic form in various fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy products, and protein powders. Glutamine serves as a dietary supplement as it promotes lean muscle growth and also helps in the recovery of muscles from workouts. However, it should be taken with caution in the case of those with medical conditions like allergies, heart trouble, kidney problems, thyroid problems, asthmatic conditions, etc.

One of the most popular and effective supplements used by bodybuilders and other enthusiasts is amino acids or supplements using amino acids for better muscle growth and recovery. Amino acids are chemical substances that include many of the amino acids together in one substance that is very essential for cell development. You may find these supplements in powder form or as pills. While using these supplements you need to take guidance from a dietician, physician, or fitness trainer.

BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids are considered the most efficient testosterone boosters. They increase testosterone levels in the body within a few hours. They are available in powder form or in pill form. A variety of natural products are now available that make use of these two essential nutrients in combination to achieve better results. It is advisable to take the supplements as per the manufacturer’s directions. The best place to buy these supplements is online since there are numerous reputed and reliable vendors selling these testosterone boosters at attractive price rates.

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