GMOs: What’s the Big Deal? Part One: It’s Personal

GMO Field Trip: Let’s Follow the Life of a GMO

GMOs: It’s Personal.

The first in the blog series GMOs: What’s the Big Deal? by Oh Baby Foods Mother & Founder, Fran B. Free

Okay, so this tiny little acronym: “GMO.” You hear it mucho these days. It’s kinda big, right? You’re seeing The NonGMO Project symbol pop up on your fave snack brands lately. It’s a cute logo, with a butterfly and all. BUT, what the heck does it mean and how is it able to tug on the heartstrings of so many people? Some believe GMOs are harmless and necessary, others believe they are unsafe, unproven, and find the act of messing with DNA terrifying.

Being raised on a conventional farm, having two degrees in agriculture, and starting an organic baby food company, I can tell you that I am built on two (strongly) opposing views.

Starting a business of any kind is not without IMMENSE challenges and opportunities. One opportunity I have grasped with enthusiasm is being able to establish the core values of Oh Baby Foods to reflect the foundation of what I personally believe. This company is, by proxy, an extension of myself.

On that note, Oh Baby Foods became the very first baby food company in the world to Verify all of our products via The NonGMO Project. Right out of the gate, I personally drew a line in the sand. Yep, it’s personal.

Our products do not contain GMOs, and here’s why:

  • GMOs are too new to mess around with, not only for consuming but also to present to    our natural environment,
  • I’m not yet convinced that GMOs will meet the stated goals of 
    • alleviating global hunger/malnutrition issues
    • increasing efficiency in agriculture, by immediate timing and decreased pesticide applications,
  • Babies and their immune systems are especially susceptible to unhealthy and foreign factors AND they are the ones that will inherit the world that we take care of today.

Writing is not in my job description as Mother & Founder at Oh Baby Foods. But every once in a while, I get a little chance to explore and express myself in word. In honor of NonGMO Month, I’ll be posting a new blog post each Friday in October.

This has been a goal of mine for a few years, so don’t hold back a “congrats” if you’re so inspired. I appreciate your thoughts and encourage discussion.

Topics for GMOs: What’s the Big Deal? blog series, every Friday this October:
Friday, 10/3/2018      GMOs: It’s Personal
Friday, 10/10/2018    GMOs: The What, the How, the Why
Friday, 10/17/2018     GMOs: Environmental & Health Concerns
Friday, 10/24/2018    GMOs: Political Landscape
Friday, 10/31/2018    GMO Field Trip: Let’s follow the life of a GMO



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